Thermal compensator repair clamp

Thermal compensator repair clamp

Repair broken Thermal compensator

Flange protector Flange protection repair clamp

Flange repair clamps are used to stop leakage in flange gaskets Pressure Seal Flange Clamps

Wide-Range Strip Repair Clamp CRK

Product Features According to many customs' feedbacks, we find more than 90% leakages of straight pipes that belong to unilateral leakage. Due to adopting different material and size pipes, the customers need to keep more products in stock. Our company designed Wide-Range Strip Repair Clamp(Patent number: ZL 2015 2 1136082.9 ).It is mainly designed for unilateral leakage, can seal under pressure,break range limit and reduce stock. It has the advantages of flexible, convent and quick install. We adopt lengthen type rubber, break the limit of repairing length and bring the flexible leakage stop condition to customers.