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Pipe Repair Clamp
SJW-H SS Semi-Circle Mini Type Pipe Repair Clamp

SJW-F SS Full-Circle Pipe Repair Clamp SJW series is applied on quick repairing of the small leakage on oil/gas /water supply or drain pipe which has advantages of handiness ,small volume ,easy to use ,safe and fire-free ,and also can be used under pressure .

CR-2 Stainless Steel Band Type Repair Clamp

CR series is good at repairing pin holes and breaks caused by aging or rusting. which can seal under pressure and no need of changing pipes.

GR Gear-Ring Type Multi-Function Pipe Couplings

Applied to connection of various kinds of metal pipes and composite materials of pipelines. Allowable angular deflection, provide restraint and strong sealing .



Russian customer use our Repair Clamp of Zhuhong to finish a very fast repairing for the PE pipe of DN300 in water supply.


To repair the DN1200 GRP pipe of Hunnan Water Corporation conventionally, they’ll have to stop the water pipe for more than 36 hours. However, using the Repair Clamp of Zhuhong instead just make it within 2 hours.


Fast connection of DN250 stainless steel pipe with Zhuhong Multi-Function Pipe Coupling shortens the construction project control of time.